Mosley Advanced Placement Program for Success


 Academic Regulations:

1. All MAPPS students will complete their core classes at Mosley High School in order to ensure they are prepared for the next level of instruction.

2. MAPPS students who take an Advanced Placement (AP) course(s) are required to take the corresponding AP Examination(s) in May.

3. A MAPPS student cannot opt out of a core curriculum course at Mosley by taking the same course online at Florida Virtual School (FLVS), Bay Virtual Academy, or going to GCSC.

4. With MAPPS being a college prep program, all MAPPS students must take Math and English all four years regardless of their credits. A student cannot take a course equivalent class at another institution to have it count toward credit that can be obtained at Mosley.

5. Students may take any other class, besides a core curriculum course, on FLVS or through Bay Virtual Academy for enrichment, additional elective credit, or to repeat a failed class.

6. If a MAPPS student fails a course that is required for graduation, the student must make up that course (through FLVS or Bay Virtual Academy) BEFORE the next school year begins. Failure to complete this requirement will result in the student being removed from MAPPS until such time as the credit is completed. The student may apply for reinstatement to MAPPS once the required remedial work is completed.

7. MAPPS students who take a Dual-Enrolled (DE) class must meet all requirements set forth by Gulf Coast State College, including the class attendance policy.

8. MAPPS students are required and expected to pass the FCAT. Failure to do so may warrant a probationary status and possible removal from the program. This decision rests with the MAPPS coordinator and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
Academic Status Policies

In Good Standing Status:

MAPPS students who maintain the minimum un-weighted 3.0 GPA and have passed the FCAT will be considered in good standing with the program.

A grade of D or F in any semester course, even though it may not drop a student’s GPA to below the minimum, can be erased from the student’s permanent record through the grade-forgiveness policy. Any MAPPS student who earns one of these grades should see their counselor for details on how to forgive the grade.

Academic Probation Status:

At the end of each semester, any MAPPS student who fails to maintain his/her minimum academic standard of a 3.0 cumulative un-weighted GPA will be placed on Academic Probation for the upcoming 9 weeks.

1. A student with an unsatisfactory GPA will be directed to attend a mandatory meeting with the MAPPS Coordinator as soon as the unsatisfactory GPA is confirmed at the end of a semester. The meeting will review all policies that relate to probation status and answer any questions the students may have.

2. Following the meeting, students are required to deliver to their parent/legal guardian a letter informing them of the probation and actions that should be taken to correct the situation. The student and their parent/legal guardian will acknowledge receipt of this notification by signing the letter. The student has three school days after the meeting to return the parent/legal guardian acknowledgement letter to the MAPPS office.

3. Parents/legal guardians are encouraged to contact Mr. Durden to review the specifics of their student’s academic situation.

4. Students, although not currently eligible for participation in the GCSC Dual-Enrollment program, are encouraged to continue taking the CPT and registering for DE classes on the premise that they will reestablish their eligibility for these courses.

5. Students who reestablish their GPA at the required minimum will be removed from Academic Probation following a review of their progress by their counselor. A student may remain on Academic Probation for a second semester if it is determined by review that they are improving their academic performance.

Academic Dismissal:

Failure to improve academic performance at the end of the 9 weeks on Academic Probation will result in the student being dismissed from the MAPPS program.

The student may reapply to MAPPS in the future if they reestablish and maintain a positive academic record for the next two semesters.